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5 Air Conditioning Parts to Have Checked Out Before Summer

Cleaning Air Conditioner Filter
Avoid a frustrating breakdown of your air conditioning system in the heat of summer by having the key components in the system checked out by a professional before hot weather hits. Many times, AC failure is due to a small problem that's easily prevented.
During a pre-season inspection and tune-up of your AC equipment, the HVAC professionals will test and tighten up the individual parts that make your home cool and comfortable. Here are five component checks that are included with your summer AC tune-up.
1. Filtration System
A clean filter in your AC system can lower the unit's energy use by as much as 15%. If you neglect to change your standard filter at least once a month, expect to have higher-than-necessary energy bills. Also, expect problems with your AC's air flow, condenser freeze-ups, and other issues.
Your HVAC pro will check the filter to see if it's being properly maintained. If you have a non-standard filter like an extended media or electrostatic filter, it will be checked out and replaced. The HVAC pro can explain how your filter works and how often it must be replaced.
2. Evaporator and Condenser Coils
Despite the best efforts of your air filter, some dust manages to collect on both the evaporator and condenser coils over time. Built-up dust and debris on the coils make these vital AC components less efficient at collecting heat and producing cool air.
Coils, including the exterior condenser coils, are cleaned during a pre-season AC tune-up. If your AC unit has been struggling lately, this step should improve your AC system's performance. Be aware, however, that some AC services charge extra if the coils are substantially covered in debris.
3. Refrigerant Charge
A simple situation like running out of AC refrigerant can shut down your home's ability to stay cool. Don't guess how much Freon or other refrigerant you have in your AC system. Let the professionals check the level for you.
HVAC professionals know the current rules and regulations concerning approved refrigerants in California. They safely top off your refrigerant with the appropriate product for your specific AC system.
4. Amperage Draws and Electrical Connections
If there are any loose wires, bolts, and other connections in your AC system, they can cause your unit to short out or fail to switch properly from one mode to another. Your HVAC pro will check out all of these connections to ensure there's no corrosion and good contact.
When necessary, the amp draws of the following components are checked:
  • Compressor wire
  • Fan motor
  • Blower motor
If these parts are out of specification for your AC model, the HVAC tech will troubleshoot the unit to see if any electrical parts need repair or replacement.
5. Condensate Line and Drain Pan
The condensate line carries water out of your unit and into the drain pan or piping. Over time, condensate lines get gummed up with sludge and slime. If the condensate line gets plugged and can't drain off the excess water, that water can back up into your AC unit or home. Your AC unit may stop working or drip water onto floors and other surfaces.
The summer tune-up involves a check of your condensate lines. If the lines are clogged, they're carefully cleaned. The drain pan and any external piping are checked and cleaned. In mini-split systems, the air handler may be leveled to prevent condensate drainage from spilling out of the unit.
Contact Power Plumbing Inc. to schedule a presummer tune-up of your AC system. We offer a full range of air-conditioning installation, diagnostic, and repair services for residences and businesses in and around the San Luis Obispo, California area.


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