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Expert Pipe Repair Services

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Whole Home Repipe

Nothing lasts forever, including your pipes in your house. Pipes gradually rust, corrode and decay. By failing to replace your plumbing, you are susceptible to leaks or even a flood of water and sewage. At Power Plumbing Inc., we can professionally help you decide the right time for repiping. You can also assess your plumbing system below.

Knowing Your Home

Understanding the installation time and type of pipes can give you a good idea of when to replace your pipes. Well-maintained pipes also last longer than poorly maintained pipes, so understanding the care given to your pipes can also help you understand their life expectancy. However, lead pipes are a health hazard and polybutylene pipes are extremely prone to breakage and should be replaced immediately whatever their condition.

Watch for Trouble

Being attentive to pipes and water in your home can bring attention to signs that a replacement is needed. Any discoloration, dimpling or flaking of exposed pipes is an indicator of corrosion. Leaks may also be indicators that a replacement is needed, no matter how small the leaks are. If your water is a brown or yellow when filling your tub, you are seeing signs of rust and decay in the pipes. Contact Power Plumbing Inc. for a professional inspection if any of these conditions arise.

Broken Line Repairs

Broken lines can provide a health hazard for you and your family. Sewage water backing up can cause water damage and is a biological hazard. Gas lines that break can cause death by asphyxiation or an explosion that quickly consumes the entire building. Power Plumbers Inc. provides the expertise needed to safely replace these lines before the danger comes to you or your family.

Signs of Trouble

By knowing the warning signs, you are able to be proactive against further damage. Signs of broken sewer pipes include a noticeable backup of sewage in the toilet or basement, a sulfur smell from decomposing waste, excessive water in one location in the yard or unexpectedly high water or sewage bills. Signs of a broken gas line include a sulfur smell, dead plants near the gas line and bubbling in wet or flooded areas.

Power Plumbing Inc. Can Help

When dealing with health hazards, it is best to have professional and licensed help. As a licensed professional, Power Plumbing Inc. provides the experience and training needed to provide a safe and efficient fix to your broken gas, sewer or water main lines. Contact our professionals to keep your house, your family and your belongings safe from the dangers presented by these broken lines.