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Drain and Line Repair

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Drains have a simple job: to wash unwanted water and other liquids away. However, drains don’t always work as they should. If you notice your drains are not working properly, contact Power Plumbing Inc. as soon as possible and before a more serious problem emerges.

Clogged Drains

It is best to contact a plumber when the drains begin to slow. These slow drains are often signs of a mineral buildup or the beginning of a clogged drain. Clogs often begin in drains when the wrong materials, such as grease, stringy foods, hair or other debris, go down your drains. While you may be able to fix minor clogs with the proper knowledge, many of these issues travel to your main drainage system, which is too deep to be reached without the proper tools.

Grease Traps

Grease traps provide an extra layer of filtration, reducing the amounts of fats, oils and greases that enter the sewers. This filtration process plays a large role in keeping untreated sewage out of the environment. However, approximately 50 percent of all sewer overflows are caused by grease blockage. Power Plumbing Inc. understands the importance of keeping your drains working properly while helping the environment. That’s why we offer grease trap cleaning services.


From removing sewage and water to providing cold ice, lines provide a variety of conveniences. This makes it important to keep your lines in good shape. Tree roots, debris and grease are just a few things that can hinder a line from performing its best. Power Plumbing Inc. provides video inspections to provide fast, efficient and top-quality maintenance of your lines.


While trees provide shade, they also send roots deep into your yard. These roots may enter your sewage lines, creating a blockage in the line. If you’ve planted a tree within 30 feet of your home’s main drain line, or if you have pipes made of clay, asbestos or cast iron, you increase the risks of these root problems. Power Plumbing Inc. provides cutting-edge technology to clear these roots from your lines and keep your pipes from cracking or collapsing.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the best way to clean your sewers. Rather than just cutting a hole in the blockage, hydro jetting uses water under very high pressure to remove grease from the walls of the pipe, cut tree roots and leave your line as clean as when it was first installed. Hydro jetting is also an environmentally friendly option because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals to break up the debris. Contact a Power Plumbing Inc. professional to see if hydro jetting can benefit you.


Power Plumbing Inc. works to keep your drains and lines working at their full capacity. If you have a slab leak — a leak in the copper water lines below your home — a broken line or drain, contact Power Plumbing Inc. to have our professionals quickly make the repairs. Allow us to show you why knowledge and professionalism really are powerful.