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Water Heater, Toilet and Other Plumbing Repairs

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In addition to giving your home an upgraded look, upgrading your plumbing fixtures and appliances can save you money. Newer fixtures consume less water and energy than outdated fixtures. Contact Power Plumbing Inc. to see how we can help you find the looks you deserve and the savings you desire.


Whether you are looking to update the toilet in your bathroom or the kitchen sink, Power Plumbing Inc. has the best fixtures for you. Our technicians are knowledgeable about these products and can help guide you to the best options for your home. We also professionally install these products for you.


Power Plumbing Inc. installs quality water heaters — both with a tank or tankless — as well as garbage disposals. By updating these appliances, you are able to run your home more efficiently and have peace of mind that your appliances will be there for you. Let us do the heavy lifting and dirty work so you can relax in your home.


Water is the essence of life. However, bad or broken plumbing can cause water to become catastrophic. Leaks can cause damage to your home and belongings, affect how much you are paying for water usage and contribute to mold contaminations. At Power Plumbing Inc., we can repair your plumbing issues.

Ceiling Leaks

When your ceiling is leaking, the clock is ticking. By allowing even an extra 24 hours to pass, it is more likely that a simple fix and manageable problem can change into structural damage and mold contamination. Contact Power Plumbing Inc. for a fast response time and a professional repair.

Dripping and Running

Not only do running toilets and dripping sink faucets drive you crazy with their constant noises, but these common plumbing problems also cost you money. Don’t let these issues rule your budget. Give Power Plumbing Inc. a call today and see how fixing these issues can save you.