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Heater Repair and Installation


Maintenance and Repairs

Whether you need your furnace cleaned, your ducts repaired or general maintenance for your furnace, Power Plumbing Inc. has everything you need to keep your heater functioning at its best. Contact us for a free consultation.

Furnace Repairs

Power Plumbing Inc. can clean and repair all makes and models. We are able to diagnose any furnace problem and repair it, including electric motors. Give us a call if you are having furnace troubles or just want a checkup.


Sometimes it may seem that your heater or air conditioner is not working because of leaks in the ductwork. Power Plumbing Inc. provides duct testing to find the leakage and repairs the ductwork.

New Installation

When it is time to begin looking for a new furnace, look no further than Power Plumbing Inc. We provide high-quality furnaces designed to save you money. Not sure if it’s time for a repair or an upgrade? Contact us for an inspection.

Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

There are a few ways to see if you need a new furnace rather than a repair. If you’ve spent too much money on furnace repairs or high energy bills, a new furnace can begin saving you money. If your furnace is over 16 years old or provides your home with uneven temperatures, it should also be replaced.

Power Plumbing Inc. Has Your New Furnace

Power Plumbing Inc. has the knowledge to help you purchase the best furnace for your home. This allows you to save money by buying the proper furnace and save on energy with an efficient furnace. When you need a furnace replacement, trust our licensed team to provide you with the best-quality units.